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About Terrabella

Terrabella was born as a consequence of my passion for wild mushrooms and products of nature. It is a firm with Spanish origin established in Bulgaria and is dedicated to producing mushrooms, peppers “Kapia”, game meat and a variety of other products packaged in PP-EVOH-PP.

In our factory we produce a wide range of mushrooms with the latest technology.

Our main interest is fresh wild mushrooms from our mountains which are packaged within 24 hours of their collection in the forest.

The unique sort of peppers “Kapia” is produced in our factory in a home made fashion – it’s selected, roasted and peeled by hand without contacting water during the whole process. Because of that the peppers preserve their texture, intensive aroma and delicate flavor.

The game meat used in our products comes from wild animals hunted in the hunting grounds of the country.

All of our products are sealed, sterilized in an autoclave and sanitarily controlled by laboratories in Bulgaria and Spain. This way it’s achieved a very high quality product that can last one year and a half without refrigeration.

Throughout the process of making our products we do not use any type preservatives or coloring, offering to your table products that are 100% natural.

All this gives our products the highest degree of quality which, without a doubt, is superior to any similar product in the European market and we are convinced that you will appreciate and distinguish.


Jesus Maria Morreno
General Director